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Transformação Cultural via Team-Building (#PlantASEED Approach)

  • 1 hour
  • 500 Reais brasileiros
  • online or at a safe place for reunion

Service Description

Contrate para diagnóstico do estado de saúde da sua empresa em: estratégia/visão de negócio; branding/presença digital; cultura interna; perfil da liderança; engajamento dos colaboradores; comunicação interna; grupos de alto desempenho; nível de satisfação dos clientes; expansão internacional. Precificação: R$ 500 por participante; negocie preços alternativos para vários grupos e maior número de participantes. Exemplo de um programa consultivo com 5 sessões: Management Consulting 5 sessions to strike it all out! Two key questions bombarding most C+ Suite lucid minds at the end of the day: How effective are we (as Leaders)? What is the genuine level of engagement we have (from our teams and collaborators)? This program is run by B&G Consulting under its #PlantASEED Approach (which values continuous learning, evolving competencies, ecological mindset and sustainable results) and aims at facilitating the attainment of Leadership Excellence and Genuine Engagement in any organization or institution, via the following methodological pillars: – A –cknowledge – “recognize” or “accept” the need for change / innovation; – S –implify – “strip down” to the essential in the present and future value propositions; – E –ngage – “enthuse” and “empower” people to buy-in, brainstorm, edit , try-out and – E –volve – “evolutionize” the solutions, processes, policies, structures, the value-chain; – D –isrupt (and Restart) – “break up” with the “status quo” and rethink (redesign, innovate, reinvent) the “future state” in an optimal, continuously challenging “out-of-the-box” manner. Its motto is: “Enabling Strategic and Operational Excellence through Active Leadership and Engagement” and it goes from coaching C+ Suite to nurturing leaders-in-the-making, and, many times, including the whole organization to converge as a team, in order to achieve and maintain sustainable results. This program is totally focused on helping leaders to improve their work environment (and, ultimately, enhance customer satisfaction and results) – by redesigning / recharging interpersonal relations, “de-robotizing” communications and engaging / empowering collaborators and teams alike. -------- Take a look at this online presentation to get to know more about the #PlantASEED Consulting Approach:

Contact Details


bloco 9 - 12o. andar Avenida Paulista, 648 - Bela Vista, São Paulo - SP, Brasil

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