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Luiz Botelho 


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Luiz Botelho has been working for more than 30 years in Professional Business Consulting Services, both in local projects (in the vast majority of regions in Brazil) and in international projects: Latin America (Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela ), United States (Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Ohio, West Virginia) and Italy (Milan and Rome).

His professional experience in management consultancy encompasses from conception and validation to the implementation of services and solutions in the areas of:

- Management of Programs, Projects and Change, applied to Organizational Excellence / Cultural Transformation in ERP (AGILE) / CRM / BPO / ITO / HRO implementations and M&A's (Mergers and Acquisitions)

- Organizational Development; Presential and Distance Education; Executive and Managerial Development; Training of Leaders and Facilitators

- Awareness and Communication Strategies; Risk Management; management and implementation of Quality Tools and Techniques for identifying and solving problems; Employer Branding and DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) and Sustainability awareness

- Organizational Assessment (cultural, attitudinal, relational, behavioral; organizational climate; mapping of employee engagement)

- Individual and Group Coaching; Executive and Managerial Mentoring; Team-building and Executive / C+ Alignment

- Integrated HR Systems: Recruitment, Selection, Skills Assessment, Training, Talent Retention and Succession; Knowledge Management

- Development and Management of Commercial Accounts; Customer Relationship and Loyalty; Supplier Certification and Management of Strategic Alliances

  • Solution-Focused Coaching - TASC Modules I-IV

  • Marketing & Communications 

  • Project, Change and Quality Management  

  • Organizational Psychology 

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The diagnostic process (interviews, psychological profiles, focus groups, observations, canvas) will allow us to identify: purpose, mission, vision and values; needs; adaptive skills (short, medium and long term); potential profiles and skills in the organization - and understand how managers and employees are predisposed to work as a team and to materialize goals and results; with what level of protagonism and commitment to results as a result of customer satisfaction.


Based on the Assessment process, coaches and mentors create and apply personalized activities to meet the needs of project preparation and to respond to team priorities (eg, teamwork and results).

Various tools may be used, such as: tests (eg, DiSC); models for mapping attitudes, interests, knowledge and skills; assessment of management and collaboration skills - as well as "giving back" sessions (feedback on the results of the evaluations carried out, in groups or individually).

Solution Design

Once the preparation phase is completed - and the components that are proposed and considered as most appropriate to the company's needs (team-building, management coaching, etc.) are validated and approved - the ideal solutions will be designed, customized and based in the goals and expectations of the management and in its parameters of time (urgency), budget (prospects, pipeline, cashflow, etc.) and pace of acceleration (in view of the added value and in synergy with the entire value chain/ecosystem).


The most important phase of the project is to put into practice all the elements that have been designed, validated and approved as ideal solutions, for example: team-building and sales-boosting - and the preparation of management to qualify in the implementation of these plans in the company.

In this phase, in addition to the adoption of the active participation and co-responsibility model with the team - which involves holding regular meetings to present and validate the progress of execution -, we suggest strategies to facilitate the application of the concepts, through governance the change process, internal communication and talent management and coaching (internal awareness and change management actions), according to the board's expectations and their availability of time and resources.



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